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A R N I E   R O M A N


About Arnie

Arnie Roman has been writing songs professionally since 1982. The list of artists that have recorded his songs is long and varied…from Billy Porter and Al Green, to Celine Dion and Cher. His songs have been on albums that have sold more than eighty million records and CDs world-wide, and he has had a slew of top ten singles on Billboard’s Pop, Country, and Dance charts, as well as several top ten hits overseas. (For a more complete representation of songwriting credits, please click on the discography below).

Arnie’s first musical, “America’s Breath of Fresh Air”, for which he wrote both the book and the songs, was a finalist for the 2012 Richard Rodgers Award, the 2012 Reva Shiner Comedy Award, and was performed as part of the 2013 NY International Fringe Festival. His second effort, “Baptizing Bernie Levin” was given a staged reading in association with Theater Now New York in 2016. 

Most recently, he has written the musical drama, “Surviving The Rosenthals”, which was performed as part of the 2022 NY Theater Festival’s Spring/Summerfest, and which garnered 4 nominations, including “Best Play or Musical.” In 2023, “Rosenthals” was performed to an enthusiastic audience as part of the Rogue Theater Festival at Theatre Row.


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Musical Theater 

Surviving the Rosenthals

Dysfunctional 28 year old Sammy Rosenthal is living in Manhattan and lost in his life. Until he meets the one person who could change everything…himself.

Sammy and Young Sammy
Sammy and Gail play the Therapy Game
Sammy forgives Sid at Thanksgiving

America’s Breath of Fresh Air

Sometimes dreams really do come true…unfortunately.



Melanie Brook, Michael Lorz, Connor Moore, Lorraine Ferro, Mackenzie Bell, Howie Michael Smith, Lindsey Lake, David Perlman

“America’s Breath of Fresh Air” is a must see!

~ ABC Coast to Coast     

“A standout at the Fringe Festival”

                                          ~ TheHuffington Post     

Baptizing Bernie Levin

Bernie Levin quit his insurance gig to write a musical. Now, it’s gonna be in the Bottom Rung Theater Festival. What could go wrong?